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Izzy Tarasoff

About Izzy

Hip Hop

Isabella "Izzy" Tarasoff is a dancer, choreographer and educator. Born in Edmonton and
raised in Calgary, Alberta. Izzy has had the opportunity to train under various street
dance choreographers and mentors from a young age which has impacted her and
allowed her to have influences in a variety of styles of street dance and choreography.
In the last five years, under the direction of Universesoul Dance Studio, Izzy has
had the opportunity to travel across Canada and with the company to train under
various well-known choreographers and compete at reputable competitions such as
Release Dance Competition & Artists Emerge.

Recently she has developed a passion for creating and exploring movement and has
had the opportunity to share her choreography and artistry with others in the Calgary
dance community with the intention to give back to the community that serves her.

She is excited to share her passion with her students.

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