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Sock Policy:

Please remember to bring socks, or indoor shoes. We require socks to be worn at our locations for sanitary reasons. If you forget, we do have some available for purchase at the front desk.


Water Policy:

Please be advised that we do not allow open cups of water in our studios and we will no longer be supplying plastic cups, or water bottles for environmental reasons. You are more than welcome to bring your own water bottle with you to class. Due to Covid 19, water coolers and microwaves are not operational. Students should not bring any food items inside the academy. Water bottles from home are allowed and will need to be placed in student designated area on the floor.


Cell Phone/Electronic Device Policy:

Cell phones are permitted in class, with limited use only. We understand that parents may be on call from work or emergency situation. Parents should step out of the academy or their parented classroom if they have take a call.


If you have any questions, concerns or difficulties,  please let us know!

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