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Music & Dance

Musekids Musica & Dansica is the academy’s music program specifically designed for early child music and dance for the little ones. We have variety of parented class creates numerous experiences that promote growth in a many developmental areas, provide opportunities for socialization, and encourage a love of music and dance.

The Royal Conservatory of Music has noted that recent research has found that “Increasingly, music and the arts are being recognized as crucial intellectual building blocks in the early years, closely linked to such cognitive functions as verbal-linguistic development, spatial reasoning, complex problem solving in math and science, and the development of emotional intelligence. This holds especially true in the early years of a child’s development.”

With this in mind, the Musekids Musica program uses a variety of activities and materials to create an environment that caters to different learning styles.  We introduce children to some basic music terminology, create opportunities to play instruments in an ensemble, connect the rhythms that they play with the language of books and expose them to a variety of music genres.  Each lesson includes many opportunities for overall development.

Some of the many benefits of music for infants and toddlers are:

  1. Language / Vocal Development

  2. Brain Development

  3. Muscle Development

  4. Social/Emotional Development

  5. Musical Development

  6. Bonding Between Baby and Parent


Musekids Musica and Muskids Dansica aim to provide an enhanced musical and developmental experience for children and their parents in a fun and engaging environment. Please click here for more information about the MuseKids Musica early childhood curriculum.

Calgary Music Lessons

 (student can register and join anytime) 

 for the current year 

SUNRISE + (AGES 1 -4.5)


$205.00/Block of 10 classes

$60.00 Semester Material Fee

$55.00 Registration Fee

Sunrise classes are for students aged 1-4.5 years old. This is a music introduction class that covers a variety of things including: singing with movement, simple crafts, basic music terminology, rhythm ensemble with different instruments, etc. The aim of this class is to expose young children to music. Students who enjoy Sunrise offer proceed to group or private lessons in the future. 

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