Class Schedule September 2022-2023

Music for young children Piano/

STrings babies


Rondo Room


5:00pm Advanced Theory: History 9 (Ms. Jessica)

6:15pm RCMM 3 & Open (Ms. Jessica)

Sonata Room

4:00pm Sunshine 1 (Ms. Danielle) 

5:00pm Sunbeam 1 (Ms. Danielle)



Rondo Room

5:15pm RCMM 2 (Ms. Jessica)

6:15pm Violins & Cellos Exploration Ensemble (Ms. Jessica)

Sonata Room

4:00pm Sunbeam 1 (Ms Chantalle) Pending 

5:00pm Sunbeam 3 (Ms. Chantalle) 

6:00pm Sunbeam 2 (Ms. Chantalle)



Sonata Room

4:30pm Sunbeam 1 (Ms. Chantalle) 

5:30pm Sunshine 1 (Ms. Chantalle)

6:30pm Moonbeam 1 (Ms. Chantalle) 



Rondo Room

7:30pm Advanced Theory: History/ Harmony 10

               (Ms. Jessica)

Sonata Room

4:15pm Sunshine 1 (Ms. Danielle) 

5:15pm Sunbeams 1 (Ms. Danielle)

6:15pm Moonbeams 1 (Ms. Danielle) 




6:00pm Stringbabies Group Violin & Cello

               (Ms. Jessica)


Rondo Room

10:30am Sunbeam 3 (Ms. Jessica)

2:45pm String Ensemble (Ms. Jessica)

3:35pm Sunrise Plus (Babies and up, Ms. Jessica)

4:35pm Violins & Cellos Exploration/ Adventure Ensemble 

(Ms. Jessica)

Sonata Room

9:15am Sunshine 1 (Ms. Danielle)

10:15pm Sunshine 2 (Ms. Danielle) 

11:15am Sunbeam 1 (Ms. Danielle) 

12:00pm Musekids theory 5-7 (Ms Danielle)


2:00pm Moonbeams 3 (Ms. Beth)

3:30pm Moonbeam 1 (Ms. Beth) 



Dance & Fitness


Please contact Ms Jessica (Studio fee apply only)

2:30pm  Adult Ballet Community class

(Beginner General/ Level 1) 


5:10pm - 5:55pm

Preschool kids Dance (3-5 year old unparented)




4:05-4:30 Little Movers Dance (14 months to 4 years parented)


Musekids Dansica 

Please submit your interest in timing for  one on one Private lessons if our class schedule doesn't match your schedule. We are open for Private lesson at $60/ hour Plus $15 studio fee per session if our instructor is available for the timing you request.

No reg fee or recital fee for private dance lessons.