Class Schedule September 2021-2022

Music for young children Piano/

STrings babies


Rondo Room

5:15pm RCMM 2 (Ms. Jessica)

6:15pm RCMM 3 & Open (Ms. Jessica)

Sonata Room

4:00pm Sunshine 1 (Ms. Danielle) (Late start)



Rondo Room

5:15pm Moonbeam 3 (Ms. Jessica)

6:15pm Violins & Cellos Exploration/ Adventure Ensemble (Ms. Jessica)

Sonata Room

5:00pm Sunbeam 2 (Ms. Chantelle) 

6:00pm Sunbeam 1 (Ms. Chantelle)



Sonata Room

4:30pm Sunbeam 1 (Ms. Chantelle) (Late start)

5:30pm Sunshine 1 (Ms. Chantelle) (Late start)

6:30pm Moonbeam 1 (Ms. Chantelle) (Late start)



Rondo Room

4:30pm – 6:30pm RCMM Open All levels (Ms. Jessica)
7:30pm Advanced Theory: History/ Harmony 9/10

               (Ms. Jessica)

Sonata Room

4:15pm Sunshine 1 (Ms. Danielle) (Late start)

5:15pm Sunbeams 1 (Ms. Danielle) (Late start)

6:15pm Moonbeams 1 (Ms. Danielle) (Late start)


Rondo Room

10:30am Sunbeam 2 (Ms. Jessica)

2:45pm String Ensemble (Ms. Jessica)

3:35pm Sunrise Plus (Babies and up, Ms. Jessica)

4:15pm (Violins & Cellos Exploration/ Adventure Ensemble 

(Ms. Jessica)

Sonata Room

9:15am Sunbeam 1 (Ms. Danielle)

10:15pm Sunshine 1 (Ms. Danielle) (Late start)

11:15am Moonbeam 1 (Ms. Danielle) (Late start)


2:00pm Sunbeams 3 (Ms. Beth)

3:30pm Moonbeam 1 (Ms. Beth) (Late start)



Dance & Fitness


Please contact Ms Jessica (Studio fee apply only)

7:50pm  Adult Ballet Community class

(Beginner General/ Level 1) 


4:00pm Mom/ Dad and Tot Babies




12:30-1:20pm Primary Dance (age 3-6) 

Please submit your interest in timing for  one on one Private lessons if our class schedule doesn't match your schedule. We are open for Private lesson at $50/ hour session if our instructor is available for the timing you request.

No reg fee or recital fee for private dance lessons.