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Safety Guidelines

The following policy is to be adhered to at all times when are attending Viva Musica Academy of Performing Arts and in studio.

  • Masks. Upon entering the studio, everyone will be required to wear a mask until you enter your private music room? Please follow the signs and arrows. There will be only one entrance and exit to and from our hallway

  • Wash Hands. Upon entering the building please use hand sanitizer provided or wash hands with soapy water in the washrooms. Wash or sanitize hands before leaving the building. Each music studio will have sanitizer at each entrance.

  • Physical Distancing. A physical distance of 2m is recommended  between individuals at all times. An impermeable barrier will be utilized for all vocal and wind lessons as well as the 2m distance. Signs will be on floors and in hallways to indicate students to a designated area.

  • Access in the Academy. Academy washroom will be closed to students. Students can access it for emergencies only. Parents who wish to enter in the lessons with students are to follow the same safety requirements as a student. It is preferable that parents stay in the car, unless students are attending a parented class.

  • Supplies. Each student will be required to bring their own supplies for lessons. Your teacher will provide you with a list.

  • Waiting Area. Viva Musica will not be providing a waiting area. Please remain in your vehicle until a few minutes before your lesson time and directly enter the studio when a teacher or front desk has notified you and they will lead you to the lesson room.

  • Coats & Shoes. Shoes must be removed and taken with student  into class the whole time. It is best if the student brings a carrying bag for their shoes. Clean socks must be worn at all times. Please bring your coat and music bag into the classroom as well. Coats will be placed over your piano bench during class.

  • Siblings. There will be no area for siblings to wait. Please make other arrangements if needed.

  • Music Lessons. Viva Musica has tried their best to stagger class and lesson times to help with social distancing measures. Punctuality will be important. In the event that students and families are not adhering to these Covid-19 pandemic procedure, we will ask the students to be picked up and returned home. Lessons will be considered as forfeited.

If anyone is sick or has any symptoms of illness, they will need to stay home. Failure to do this and we will send the student home immediately if they develop symptoms during class or lessons.

In the case of government order closure of in-person lessons and classes in Academy:

All Lessons and Classes will automatically shift to online learning or as per government recommendation for a school operation.

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