Top 5 Practice Tips

1. More short practices are better than one long practice.

This is good for two reasons. You start out a practice session focused and productive, but the longer students practice, the more bored they can get and the more your mind starts to wander and be unproductive. Secondly, sitting at the piano feeling bored or frustrated for a long time makes students associate practicing with all those negative feelings rather than feeling accomplished. 

2. Do a little each day. 

Instead of saving it until the day before your lesson, try to do a little each day. Just like cramming before a big test, instead of taking the time to build and develop your knowledge is just like practicing the day before your lesson. The progress you make isn't as permanent, and teachers can tell when students have rushed to learn something. 

3. Take breaks or split up the amount of time per day. 

older students who have to practice for more than 10 minutes a day, may find their practice sessions feel very long compared to when they were younger. If your daily goal is to practice 30 minutes a day, try doing two 15 minute practices. Do one in the morning and one in the evening, or take a little break in between the two. 

4. Keep a route and have someone remind you.

Not practicing isn't always because students don't want to. It can be easy to forget when students get busy with school, friends, or other activities. Just like parents remind you to brush your teeth before bed, sometimes a reminder is all you need. 

5. Keep track and try to improve. 

Make a goal for the week or the month and write down how many minutes you are practicing. Look at your results and see how you can improve. 

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