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If you are a passionate about music and children, apply with your resume to now!
formal music training required.
Click teachers' photo below for their bios.
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hana temp pic.jpg
Hana Kawakami

Ballet/ Jazz/ Contemporary/ Musical Theatre/ Jr Piano

Wet Paintbrushes


Music Lessons Calgary Teacher

Sr Piano/Guitar Ukulele/MYC/

Early Childhood

Conan Li.jpeg

Jr Violin/Piano


Sr Piano /MYC/ Early Childhood

Ria teacher pic.jpg

Art/ Jr Piano

Danielle Photo - EDIT.png

Sr Piano/MYC


Cello Teacher - Special Rates

aimedee teacher pic.jpg

Ballet/Jazz/Contemporary/Hip-Hop Dance Teacher

Alex teacher pic.JPG

Early Childhood / Jr Piano


Guzheng/ Arts of Tea Ceremony

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