Music for Young Children® has been teaching children from the ages of 2-10 the foundation of music education and piano playing, in a group situation, for nearly 40 years. Today there are over 800 locations on 3 continents, confirming that we are an international leading quality program for early childhood music education.

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Music for Young Children is one of the best programs to introduce children to the foundation of music.  We provide activities and games to create an enjoyable and positive learning environment.


Through group activities such as singing and creative movement, children will develop a special bond with each other and improve on their individual expressiveness. 

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This program focuses on repertoire and fulfilling the requirements to advance onto progressive RCM exams. Students who do not wish to take RCM examinations are encouraged to explore the repertoires to acquire proper techniques for contemporary music enjoyment as well. 

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Group Piano Classes

For the private piano program route, the length of their lesson depends on the student's level in the Royal Conservatory of Music's program. 

  • 30 mins private lesson - absolute beginner to RCM Gr 2

  • 45 mins private lesson - RCM Gr 3 to Gr 6

  • 1 hour private lesson - RCM Gr 7 to Gr 10/ARCT​

Students who do not want to take part in the Museship enhancement class should enroll in longer private lessons (at least 15 minutes longer), which will enable students to complete the new RCM exams requirement throughout the year on a one on one basis.