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Special Rate for private lessons with Cellist An.

Cello Lessons - 60 Minutes

  • Block of 4 Lessons (one month): $480

    Registration Fee: $55

    Resources & Recital Fee: $85

    Monthly Tuition October to June: $480 per month (due via monthly pre-authorized debit $480 or one year payment remaining $4,320)

  • Student’s Information Sheet current year

    All Programs

    This information sheet is made for your reference. Payment policies, and practice time are listed as follow:

    • Lessons fees are expected to be in the form of Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) per month, for the whole year or in full. Late payment charges / NSF fees will be applied when payments are rejected or not received after September 1, of the current year. There will be an additional $15 handling fee applied if you wish to make cash or cheque payment, credit card  (4% surcharge) for pre-authorized monthly recurring lesson fees.
    • Please be prepared with necessary lesson materials (music books, practice folder, bag, tin sheet with magnets, etc.)
    • Please visit our website POLICY for updated information.
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