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  Programs to meet your individual needs  

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School Children
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Our music group classes introduce and teach musicanship through a multi-sensory approach. The understanding of music will expand into positive problem-solving skills, areas of self-expression, growth of memory skills as well as excellent self-confidence and self-esteem. With these natural outcomes children can easily take on the skills required to read other languages and master other tasks.

Our 1-on-1 Program allow our teachers to personalize lessons to suit each student’s learning style, personality, and speed of learning. Students will have an opportunity to  perform in recitals and exams. Parents will also get to know the student’s progress on a regular basis and meet with the teacher. We offer lessons in a variety of instruments.

We provide dance classes in a variety of genres. We currently offer Ballet, Jazz & Tap, Ballet/Jazz combo, Hip-Hop, Musical Theatre and beginner adult classes. 

Art Fun

Students will develop skills for basic drawing and painting techniques and master the foundations of seeing light and colour. We offer classes for students ages 5 and up. Children can explore their talent in different mediums (drawing in pencil or pastels, painting in water color or acrylic and sculpture).

Hand Pile of Happy Group

Beyond Musica is the perfect summer day camp for 5 - 13 years olds with well organized music and art activities. Children will learn how to play and sing songs from a chosen theme, create art and crafts with our art teachers, they can even pick up and try a different instrument. We also have musical demos of some unique and less common instruments by professionals! How fun is that!

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