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 Music Classes: Group 

Viva Musica offers a wide variety of group programs including piano, violin, and theory classes.

Early childhood programs include the Royal Conservatory Smart Start™ program, and an introduction to the Music for Young Children program - Sunrise. 

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Our group piano classes start at ages 3 & 4 through the Music for Young Children program -- Sunshine, Sunbeam, and Moonbeam, and then continue to RCM Musica, which allows students who are proceeding through the Royal Conservatory of Music syllabus to learn in a group setting. 

MuseKids Musica Theory are practical theory enhancement classes in a group setting to enhance music collaboration. 

This program starts with the Violin & Cello Friends from the Europe for ages 2-6 years old beginners, progressing to various level classes (Age 5 and up).


Students who are enroll in private lesson can enroll in our ensembles classes along side with the private lessons to enhance their ensemble/pre-orchestra experience prior to join other youth orchestra in Calgary.

If you are studying with another teacher and want to attend our masterclasses or performances along with perhaps a master teaching enhancement every 4 to 6 weeks. Contact Ms Jessica for details.

For more information about all of our group classes, please visit, which describes the curriculum that the academy follows in more detail. 

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