Music Classes: Group 

Viva Musica offers a wide variety of group programs including piano, violin, and theory classes.

Early childhood programs include Mom & Tot Playdate Musica, and an introduction to the Music for Young Children program - Sunrise. 

Our group piano classes start at ages 3 & 4 through the Music for Young Children program -- Sunshine, Sunbeam, and Moonbeam, and then continue to RCM Musica, which allows students who are proceeding through the Royal Conservatory of Music syllabus to learn in a group setting. 

MuseKids Musica Theory are practical theory enhancement classes in a group setting to enhance music collaboration. 

Offering NEW STRINGSBABIES Young beginners renowned group Violin/ Viola/ Cello starter program from

United Kingdom!

Our group Strings class allows students to play in an ensemble setting to perfect their abilities. Beginners students can enroll in our violin Cello Strings exploration or orientation classes as an introduction to Strings playing. Students who are enroll in private lesson can enroll in our ensembles classes along side with the private lessons to enhance their ensemble/pre-orchestra experience prior to join other youth orchestra in Calgary.

If you are studying with another teacher and want to attend our masterclasses or performances along with perhaps a master teaching enhancement every 4 to 6 weeks. Contact Ms Jessica for details.

For more information about all of our group classes, please visit, which describes the curriculum that the academy follows in more detail.