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For students who want to explore the fun of playing the violin in a group setting.

Program starts with Violin Friends Method from Europe by Lauri Hamalainen for age 2-6 beginners.

Our students learn to play their chosen instrument in a happy, relaxed atmosphere. They compose their own melodies, sing, and advance toward reading conventional music notation in a natural progression, but at a much earlier age than is normal - some even before they can read!

Violin, Viola and Cello Friends has been developed by Lauri Hamalainen, one of the active ESTA European String Teacher Association in Finland. Lauri originally developed the Violin, Viola & Cello Friends program following result of years of experience with younger String Players.

The program has been successfully progress to various levels.

Viva Musica is the first academy offering Violin, Viola & Cello Friends program in Canada! 


Violin Friends Young Star Orchestra Brand.jpg
Violin Friends Young Star Orchestra.jpg

Young Star Beginner provides just that opportunity for younger ones to:

  • learn to play the Cello, Viola or Violin

  • overcome the sight reading barrier

  • acquire the very best techniques right from the start

  • develop singing, rhythmic, composition and aural skills

  • really enjoy themselves in the process

$295.00/10 Classes semester
$80 material fee to start the stringbabies program

$885.00/year (one payment commitment, includes materials)
$55.00 Annual Registration Fee
Violin Friends Young Violin Star.jpg
Violin Friends Young Cello Star.jpg
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