Example of a student's route in the MYC program: if your child is 5 or 6 years old, we would recommend registering them into Sunbeams 1 (if you are unsure about what level to register your child in, please contact the studio). Once they have completed Sunbeams 1, they would then enter Sunbeams 2, Sunbeams 3, then Moonbeam 2, and Moonbeam 3. Once they have completed Moonbeam 3, students have the option of continuing with group classes with RCM Musica 2, or in private lessons

Students with previous experience: Placement and cost to level 2 & 3 will depend upon assessment. Please inquire with the academy about level 2 & 3 pricing. 

First year student MYC PRICING
Material for the year: $199.00
Registration Fee: $35.00
Supplies & Recital Fee: $45.00
Monthly Tuition: $95.00
(There are 33 lessons in the school year, which runs from September to May/early June. During the year, there are various performance opportunities, including a mid-year gala, and a year-end recital at Arts Commons.)

LEVELS (Beginners):

SUNRISE: 2-5 year olds

SUNSHINE 1: 3 & 4 year olds

SUNBEAM 1: 5 & 6 year olds

MOONBEAM 1: 7-9 year olds

Music for Young Children is one of the best programs to introduce children to the foundation of music. We provide activities and games to create an enjoyable and positive learning environment. Through group activities such as singing and creative movement, children will develop a special bond with each other and improve on their individual expressiveness. 


Solo and ensemble piano playing

Singing together on new concepts

Creative movement

Music reading & theory


Rhythm ensemble


Classes are parented, and have a maximum of 6 students per class. Classes run from September to early June. 

RCM MUSICA Comprehensive Group Piano Classes 


RCM Musica 


This program focuses on repertoire and fulfilling the requirements to advance onto progressive RCM level each year and prepares for RCM exams. Students who do not wish to take RCM examinations are encouraged to explore the repertoires and technical etudes to acquire proper techniques for contemporary music enjoyment as well. 

RCM Musica is a piano group approach, continuing the legacy of the Music for Young Children program. RCM Musica further leads students to learn in a group, in fun and interactive ways.

Student who completed the group piano from MYC can progress into our RCM Musica Comprehensive Group Piano Classes from RCM level 2 to 8.

(Advance Group Piano level 9/ 10 will need specific audition with Ms Jessica only)

While completing the entire RCM requirement for the grade. The program covers:

Solo repertoire, études, techniques, musicianship (ear training and sightreading) and theory, under the Royal Conservatory of Music Canada syllabus PLUS

Classical music appreciation, Composing techniques and improvisation with various modern music approach and practical ensemble piano playing.

Student will aim to complete all the requirement of the RCM levels piano components and able to complete RCM exam in the end of school year.

Classes are 60 mins includes all components of class
Classes are OPEN level class where multiple levels of students with more than one teacher and co-teacher in the classroom.

RCM Musica 2 - the next level (RCM Gr 2) after MYC Moonbeam 3 (Gr 1 RCM) 60 mins

RCM Musica 3 - RCM level 3 60 mins

RCM Musica 4 - RCM level 4 60 mins

RCM Musica 5 - RCM level 5 60 mins

RCM Musica 6 - RCM level 6 60 mins

RCM Musica 7 to 10 - Assessement with Ms Jessica only.

Museship Enhancement Class with RCM Musica

The RCM Musica group can also be an enhancement program for private students who are interested to supplement onto their private instrumental or vocal lesson. They can enroll onto the class as a theory and musicianship students. Joining this class as an enhancement to their music studies, student can focus their private lesson on instrumental playing technique and repertoire learning, without having their private teacher covering all aspects of music learning in their private lesson time.

If you are maintaining your private instrumental or vocal lesson, students in various Royal Conservatory of Music level can join into our class accordingly.

(Pricing: Please contact us for assessment before registration)


If you are currently taking the following length of private lesson:​

  • 30 mins private lesson - absolute beginner to RCM Gr 2

  • 45 mins private lesson - RCM Gr 3 to Gr 6

  • 1 hour private lesson - RCM Gr 7 to Gr 10/ARCT

Mission to provide a comprehensive music learning experience: 

Learning Music should be comprehensive with techniques, musicianship and theory along with repertoire playing as a complete package to develop as a music learner. Ms. Jessica has developed this ongoing group classes approach for more than 20 years and students in group classes are excel in different aspects of music learning, evidenced by previous student's achievement in RCM Exams and academics. 

Contact us and schedule a time with Ms. Jessica for further details on her methodology and our group approach in Music education.

Material for the year: $165.00+GST
Registration Fee: $35.00
Supplies & Recital Fee: $45.00
Monthly Tuition: $105.00
(There are 33 lessons in the school year, which runs from September to May/early June. During the year, there are various performance opportunities, including a mid-year gala, and a  grand finale year-end recital.)