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Moonbeams 3 is the final level in Music for Young Children®.  When MYC was written, it was with the intent to integrate and prepare our students to take their first piano exam and theory exam at the end of their MB3 year.  It is an exciting year for students, parents and teachers as these children have now gained so much knowledge, understanding and appreciation of music and piano playing that they are able to manipulate, pull-from and engage all the learning they have received throughout their journey in their MYC classes, whether it is through theory, composition, and/or the musically shown (and heard) through their playing.

Moonbeams 3

C$486.50 Regular Price
C$466.50Sale Price
  • * Following the Royal Conservatory of Music Canada Level 1 requirements on Repertoire, Etudes, techniques and musicianship

    *Students are able to complete MB3 from Music for Young Children with a graduation medal and the optional choice of enrolling in RCM level 1 national level exam and finish with their certificate program.

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