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Jen Joseph

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About Jen

Ballet/ Jazz/ Contemporary/Hip-Hop/ Preschool Kids/ Mama Dada Bebe Dance

Jenilly Joseph, "Miss Jen", is a seasoned dance teacher, school teacher, dance performer, and former professional cheerleader boasting over two decades of industry experience. Her dedication to her performances with the Edmonton Rush, the Edmonton Oilers, and the Calgary Stampeders, she has firmly established herself as a skilled and versatile dancer.

Currently, Miss Jen is immersed in the Professional Training Program at Decidedly Jazz Danceworks and is a passionate dance performer for Mambo Productions. She is a forever dancer bringing a wealth of knowledge and contemporary insights to her dance instruction.

Since 2011, Miss Jen has been passionately imparting her expertise to students of all ages, guiding them through competitions and instilling discipline, creativity, and a profound love for the art of dance. Her unique perspective as an elementary school teacher since 2014 adds an extra layer to her teaching approach, blending creativity seamlessly with academic insight.

Beyond the dance studio, Miss Jen is a lifelong learner, currently indulging her passion for French language acquisition. Quality time with friends and family is equally cherished, as is creating joyful memories with her 3-year-old daughter.

Miss Jen's dedication reflects a remarkable blend of professional expertise and educational commitment, positioning her as a driving force in the dance community and a source of inspiration for aspiring dancers."

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