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Playing and Learning Together: Benefits of Group Learning Violin for Kids

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Learning a new instrument can be daunting for kids. In learning violin, the kids need to learn a lot of technicalities. It takes years of dedicated practice and close attention to detail to learn how to hold the bow and the instrument correctly. It is exceedingly challenging to create a pleasant, ringing tone free of unnecessary noise like scratches and squeaks. It is practically difficult to accomplish this without the assistance of an excellent teacher.

Kids can be overwhelmed by how much they need to learn, and sometimes give up in the process. One of the best solutions to prevent this from happening is to enroll the kid in a group learning violin class. There have been multiple studies that show group learning is not only beneficial for the kid in terms of learning fast but also improves the kids’ social and emotional health.

I do believe that a private violin lesson is also equally crucial but it is not enough. The kid needs to be exposed to others so that he may be able to properly gauge himself and learn faster. The kids learn more than just the technicalities of the instrument but grow as a musician and a person too. One's overall level of musicianship is raised by developing new skills while playing an instrument with other people.


Students learn how to collaborate with one another via ensemble playing, as well as how to pay close attention to their surroundings. It fosters a sense of duty and pride for your peers. Nobody wants to play the incorrect note at the wrong moment in the orchestra like the stick in the mud! When students are aware that their performance in the group is dependent upon them, they practice much more diligently. Playing violin in a group has its magic that solo violin does not have.


It is a different challenge to listen to your own playing when you are practicing by yourself. However, it takes a different level of focus to try and listen to 50 other violins and work your harmony to sound best as a group. With group violin, you do not play on the same notes, which makes it all the more challenging. Make sure your part fits perfectly with the group so that the performance will be flawless. With this, the kid develops to hear minute changes in pitch, which improves their intonation. The best thing about playing violin as a group is that the kids learn to multi-focus. Like a window with multiple tabs open and all functioning simultaneously and perfectly. They have to learn to focus on listening to themselves, their stand partner, their section, and all the different parts of the orchestra.


For me, this is the most vital in terms of a child’s development growth. No man is an island, and practicing violin by yourself will eventually be boring. Especially for kids since their age is the age for socialization. When you play in a violin ensemble, you get to meet new people. Kids have an opportunity to create relationships and have lifelong friends that share the same passion and love for music as they have. If there would be challenges or learning may be overwhelming, it is always better to do it with your friends.

There is more to learning violin than just its technicalities. Learning an instrument is not just about playing it flawlessly on your own. A good musician knows how to adjust himself and bring out the best in the group ensemble.

If you are interested in enrolling your kid in a group violin class, visit Viva Musica Academy of Performing Arts. Viva Musica Academy of Performing Arts aims to provide excellence in music and art education through the student-oriented technique.

The school offers an environment where students of all ages effectively achieve their goals in musicianship. Students not only learn the necessary skills required for advancement but they also enjoy the pleasure of playing music as well.

Viva Music offers music lessons, dance classes, and art classes, as well as summer programming.

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